Responsible Hoteliers of Tomorrow Internship

Being committed to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with equipping future generations of professionals. At Tamara Leisure Experiences, we are passionate about propagating a culture of responsible hoteliers across the industry.

The Responsible Hoteliers of Tomorrow Programme was initiated by Tamara Leisure Experiences to build teams of professionals in the Hospitality Industry, trained to keep Responsible and Sustainable business practices at the core of everything they design. The programme set out to equip young professionals with the ability to prioritise environmental preservation, heritage conservation, climate-responsive initiatives, equitable work cultures, and the upliftment of local communities.

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This 6-week internship was designed for undergraduates who seek purpose-driven professional avenues that will make them active agents of lasting change.

We hope that the cohorts that pass through this programme will carry what they learn into the organisations they work for, or even in their future entrepreneurial ventures. As an organisation, we also hope that some of these bright, young professionals will choose to join the Tamara Leisure Experiences team as well.