‘The Tamara Collaborative’ is an initiative very close to our heart and philosophy, Responsible and Memorable Hospitality, where we collaborate with brands or individuals that share our sustainability vision and sensibilities to offer fresh and inspiring perspectives, learn best practices, offer meaningful and memorable experiences to our guests, and spread the word on the importance of sustainable practices.

World Environment Day 2022

Filmmaking Workshop with Prakash Matada

Yoga Retreat in Nature's Lap

Sustainable Experiences for Travellers with Bare Necessities​

Curated Experiences with Purple Turtle

Composting Workshop with Vani Murthy alias Wormrani

World Environment Day 2022:
Expert dialogues on food, media, waste management, and coffee.​

To commemorate World Environment Day 2022, Tamara Leisure Experiences held its second edition of dialogues on sustainable change with venerated experts of climate-conscious leadership from diverse, yet auxiliary industries from June 30 to June 5 2022.

Through our commitment to environmentally responsible operations, we have found that cross-disciplinary information exchange between purpose-driven leaders is an essential aspect of catalysing lasting change. Building upon the theme for World Environment Day, “Only One Earth: Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”, the discussions collated into an insightful canon of use-case-specific learnings that inform holistic eco-responsive solutions to urgent, versatile, and prescient issues.

The Ultimate Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop with Prakash Matada

On World Wildlife Day 2023, The Tamara Coorg hosted an exclusive videography workshop by renowned filmmaker Prakash Matada. This workshop catered to a select group of storytellers, including scientists, journalists, and conservationists, aiming to enhance their ability to tell impactful stories. Prakash shared his expertise amidst the pristine environs of The Tamara Coorg, offering hands-on training in the art of capturing wildlife.

Yoga Retreat in Nature's Lap with Total Yoga’s Neetu Singh ​

In celebration of International Yoga Day 2022, Tamara Leisure Experiences joined forces with Neetu Singh, the Director of Total Yoga. The Tamara Coorg hosted a week-long workshop curated by Neetu Singh, offering guests an opportunity to reconnect with their inner selves amidst the embrace of nature. Under her guidance, participants immersed themselves in Vinyasa flow and Hatha Yoga, delving into the realms of Pranayama and meditation. From June 19 to June 25, 2022, each day held a special session, and the guests had the chance to explore the art of crafting a Buddha bowl and more!

Shruti Shibulal, the CEO and Director of Tamara Leisure Experiences, engaged in a meaningful conversation with Neetu Singh to mark International Yoga Day. Together, they delved into the profound impact of adopting a yogic lifestyle and embracing healthy eating, unravelling the transformative effects on overall well-being.

Sustainable Experiences for Travellers with Bare Necessities​

Led by Sahar Mansoor and Mehul Manjeshwar of Bare Necessities, the workshop demonstrated how to make everyday sustainable changes and live a zero-waste lifestyle. This workshop was held for guests and team members from The Tamara Coorg and The Tamara Kodai, and participants learned how to create a nourishing coffee scrub using leftover coffee grounds and DIY self-sufficient indoor plants.

Shruti Shibulal, CEO & Director of Tamara Leisure Experiences, engaged in an insightful chat with Sahar Mansoor on Sustainable Tourism and Experiences. They explored the harmonisation of people, the planet, and profit in businesses, discussed the future of sustainable tourism, and the challenge of creating distinctive yet essential conscious products aligned with personal values.

The Creative Table: Curated Experiences with Purple Turtle

The Tamara Collaborative aims to unite like-minded brands to offer fresh perspectives that align with our sustainability vision. Our vision involves creating beautiful outdoor settings that are eco-friendly, promoting productivity and well-being. Prepare to witness the enchanting transformation of a simple dining setup, incorporating natural elements and thoughtful placements. Through this collaboration, we hope to inspire people to connect with nature and elevate their homes and gardens with stylish and environmentally conscious designs. Working hand in hand with our esteemed decor partner, we passionately curate extraordinary guest experiences that linger in memories long after they unfold.

Composting Workshop with Vani Murthy alias Wormrani

At The Tamara Coorg, we organised an informative workshop led by Vani Murthy, an enthusiastic environmentalist and composting expert. The workshop catered to both our staff and interested guests, providing valuable insights into the world of composting. Vani guided attendees through the fundamentals of composting, covering essential materials, the art of creating the ideal compost mix, and the numerous benefits of using compost. The workshop fostered interaction, enabling participants to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable living.